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Week 17: Final Blog

Social Media For Business  When I first signed up for this class, my knowledge of social media was very basic and a bit negative. I still don't enjoy it so much for personal use, but business wise it has changed dramatically for the best. I have gained great insights as to the reason why businesses have social media accounts and why it is so important to maintain those accounts. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that are very familiar to use and others that I never used such as LinkedIn and Blogging are now in my tool box of knowledge to use for our business.

Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to practice all the thing I have learned this semester, but I am getting close to finalizing all of the accounts, updating the profiles and coordinate my branding colors and fonts to match all across the board. In 2019 we plan to sell our business and one of my main objectives is to transfer professional quality accounts to the new owner.  To have post that create meaningful inter…

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